A little bit about me...

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My name is Erik Tank.  I have been in love with photography since I was a young boy.  I inherited my great aunt's film camera and I learned how valuable photography was using manual controls and film.  From a young age, my parents encouraged my passion with photography and electronics by helping to provide upgrades and other fees.  

I love everything electronic.  I have a love for computers as well as photography.  I work full time at the East Moline School District as the network/systems administrator.  When I'm not working on computers, or playing with my family, I'm probably taking pictures.  

I haven't found a genre of photography I didn't like as of yet.  Though I'm sure there's a lot left to try!  I love all the different challenges and complexities that different genre's focus on.  Astrophotography has always been a passion of mine, as well as nature in general.  But people make photography a lot more fun.  Astro, nature, real estate, studio, landscape, modeling, sports, children, seniors, family, weddings, babies, etc. all have a different type of element to photography.  I love them all!  I have specific hardware for all these different types of photography and love to keep shooting and shooting.